Whole Body Hyperthermia

By increasing the body temperature, the body activates strong self-healing powers and thus accelerates recovery over the long term.

Hyperthermia is the targeted increase in the core body temperature. It is considered to be one of the most effective therapeutic methods in physical medicine. For reasons that are not really clear, our body often loses this ability to develop fevers in the course of life.

History of Hyperthermia Therapy 

The use of heat for therapeutic purposes dates back to ancient times, but the use of heat to treat cancer dates back to the 19th century when a German doctor (Bush) described the spontaneous remission of a histologically documented sarcoma of the face after fever caused by erysipelas.

Subsequent attempts were then made in France and various European countries to use toxins for treatment. But is was Dr. WB Coley who is considered as a mother and father of cancer immunotherapy; he demonstrated the effectiveness of fever treatment in thousands of patients affected by various malignant tumors who were incurable with the therapies of the time.

After the Second World War, the development of a new method of heating tissue, which is physical and based on water-filtered infrared, microwave and radio frequencies, begins.

Hyperthermia became an independent science.

Using hyperthermia to treat cancer requires collaboration between various professionals such as oncologists, radiation therapists, surgeons, general practitioners, immunologists, medical physicists, engineers and other professionals who help the doctor treat the patient, especially the radiology technician and, last but not least, the nurse.

Central mechanism of action of hyperthermia: The regulation of the basic system (matrix). Hyperthermia initiates a fever-like state and thus causes an intensive, sustained increase in core body temperature)

In this way, hyperthermia activates the body’s natural healing powers.

It clearly supports the so-called extravasation (trafficking of immunocompetent cells in the organism into the tumors areas) of lymphocytes (immune cells), modulates the complex cytokine network (hormones of the immune system) by switching them from a protective to a tumor attacking mode (e.g. M1/M2 switch), and also most importantly to increase the efficiency of chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. In cases of tumor fatigue and exhaustion shorter and milder forms of whole-body hyperthermia have proven to be powerful measures to improve quality of life and fight cancer fatigue.

Patient testimonial

Terry Mah copy
Being diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer does not offer a positive prognosis. Finding Dr. Kleef and combining his treatments with our own methodologies of BodyTalk and mind work, means that I am here rounding the corner of 5 years of surviving a terminal diagnosis. My praise for Dr. Kleef as a world-renowned oncologist is so high! He helped save my life and that is all there is to it. There is no other treatment facility I would trust more…. Dr. Kleef is simply the best there is.
Terri Mah

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