Psycho - oncology

Often we underestimate the power of our mind, but in a lot of cases it plays an immense role in our lives and illness is no exception. As we already know for some time, cancer is not only a disease of the body but also originates from problems of the soul (so called psycho-somatic illness). Therefore, healing can only happen if we also focus on the mental aspects of the disease.

We believe that psycho-oncology is a very important tool in a patient´s healing journey and must be incorporated into the treatment plan. Through our partner, psycho-oncologist Martin Rösch Ealea we offer helpful counselling for our patients, so they can focus on their healing even more. Sessions are done via Skype for several weeks, complementing our somatic treatments.

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Your individualized treatment plan will be tailored to your personal needs taking into consideration all medical and human aspects.