High-dose intravenous Vitamin C therapy (IV C)

To maintain health and for chronic illnesses, we use the standard dosage for vitamin C therapy as a proven antioxidant therapy for cell protection. We prefer the oral intake of vitamin C from natural sources (e.g. acerola cherry).

In cancer therapy, we can increase the dosage of vitamin C to such an extent that it has a pro-oxidative effect that has a damaging effect on cancer cells. Normal body cells can tolerate amounts in the range of approx. 40 g per infusion, but the uncontrolled and rapidly dividing cancer cells cannot. To strengthen their immune system, many people take vitamin C in powder or tablet form. However, there is a limit to the amount that can be fed into the body through the digestive tract. 

Too high a dose of vitamin C is excreted by the kidneys,. If a higher dose of vitamins is required for therapeutic reasons, infusion therapy  is mandatory. Here the vitamin C gets directly into the blood and does not have to be absorbed by the intestinal mucous membranes. In this way, people with a reduced ability of the intestine to absorb can also benefit from an infusion with vitamin C. 

High-dose vitamin C therapy often is applied during our hyperthermia treatments. Additionally, there is a wide range of natural substances available such as alpha lipoic acid, hydroxycitrate, reishi mushrooms, aloe vera, special yogurts to stimulate the gut associated flora which will be decided upon the individual needs of every patient.

Patient testimonial

Dr. Kleef is one of a kind. After my wife was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, we tried many treatments, both conventional and integrative around the world. Some worked for a little bit, but things always progressed and worse than before. We did a lot of research and Dr. Kleef was recommended by several long term stage IV survivors we had gotten in touch with and some of the best integrative oncologists in the US. The results have been astonishing. Within three months tumor markers and all blood work were totally in normal range and the tumors are disappearing completely. My wife still has her hair and feels great, even though the treatment is intense at the time. The treatment is far less toxic, much more individualized and creative than anything else out there that we have come across and is an actual chance at a cure or long-term remission for advanced cancers. The treatment is designed to garner the immune system to defeat the cancer, and if it works, it has dramatic results. We met people in his office who had been told they had 3 months to live from their conventional oncologists that were coming back for maintenance treatments years and years later. We go back occasionally for maintenance as well but things are looking very good. The care there is first class and the staff is unbelievable, including the other doctors at the clinic, especially Dr. Robert. They are extremely careful and detail oriented. We have been at this for years now and no facility can compare to this. We are beyond grateful for him, his staff and his clinic.
David Ashville

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