FMT – faecal matter transplant: In association with colon hydrotherapy patients receive a transplant of extremely healthy faecal matter (aka stool transplant); excellent function of our immune system is highly associated with a healthy gut microbiome

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What a remission! In 2012, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. The growth could be removed by laser surgery, but it came back again and again in the following years. In total I had 10 such surgeries within 5 years. In the summer of 2017, the tumor in the larynx started to grow strongly and I slowly began to suffocate. In conventional medicine, extremely hard radiation therapy accompanied by 2-3 rounds of chemotherapy where recommended. Since severe life-long consequential damage is to be expected after this treatment, I was alternatively suggested to remove the larynx (throat). This would have caused the complete loss of my voice. For me personally, neither was an option! In the meantime, I did my research about additional treatment options and I knew that I wanted to go in this direction. My medical and integrative Doctor, as some of my friends recommended Dr. Ralf Kleef. Right at my first visit I had the strong feeling that I was in the right place. Dr. Kleef started his treatment with an individualized combination of fever therapy, hyperthermia and checkpoint inhibitors. After just a few weeks this impressive process began where my immune system started to fight the tumor in my larynx. At first the tumor enlarged a little bit, but then slowly shrank. It was a painful process, but it worked perfectly. The tumor disappeared. I still have my larynx today and can speak practically normal. I am very grateful to Dr. Kleef and his team! I am healthy!
Michael Silva Kutalek

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