We need to diagnose and analyse each patient’s health situation individually. We therefore employ substantially individualized diagnosis methods including:

  • Laboratory analysis: thorough analysis of all relevant blood markers with a special focus on immune system function 
  • Mistletoe sensitivity test: A special blood test analyse in the patient’s sensitivity for the best mistletoe preparation
  • Circulating tumour cells (CTC): and important analysis for the overall score of the number of circulating tumour cells in the blood stream; this investigation has important prognostic implications
  • Chemosensitivity testing (TCA): this test can be performed on freshly drawn CTC or on fresh biopsy material determining the highest sensitivity of both classical chemotherapy and biological substances such as Curcumin, Artesunate or Dichloracetate and others 
  • Molecular biology profiling: this test can be done on Paraffin material stored in the respective pathology department and involves extensive molecular analysis with next generation sequencing (NGS); it allows a direct view into the so-called tumour micro-environment. Many important aspects are elucidated: PD1/PDL-1, CTLA-4 expression, M1/M2 macrophages polarization, mutated neopeptides, resistance mechanisms to targeted therapy and/or chemotherapy and many others
  • Radiology assessment: We can offer the latest technologies in radiology including CT, MRI and ultrasound
  • Cardiology evaluation including, ECG, echocardiography and stress test

Patient testimonial

What a remission! In 2012, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. The growth could be removed by laser surgery, but it came back again and again in the following years. In total I had 10 such surgeries within 5 years. In the summer of 2017, the tumor in the larynx started to grow strongly and I slowly began to suffocate. In conventional medicine, extremely hard radiation therapy accompanied by 2-3 rounds of chemotherapy where recommended. Since severe life-long consequential damage is to be expected after this treatment, I was alternatively suggested to remove the larynx (throat). This would have caused the complete loss of my voice. For me personally, neither was an option! In the meantime, I did my research about additional treatment options and I knew that I wanted to go in this direction. My medical and integrative Doctor, as some of my friends recommended Dr. Ralf Kleef. Right at my first visit I had the strong feeling that I was in the right place. Dr. Kleef started his treatment with an individualized combination of fever therapy, hyperthermia and checkpoint inhibitors. After just a few weeks this impressive process began where my immune system started to fight the tumor in my larynx. At first the tumor enlarged a little bit, but then slowly shrank. It was a painful process, but it worked perfectly. The tumor disappeared. I still have my larynx today and can speak practically normal. I am very grateful to Dr. Kleef and his team! I am healthy!
Michael Silva Kutalek

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Your individualized treatment plan will be tailored to your personal needs taking into consideration all medical and human aspects.