After initial chemo-and biologicals sensitivity testing the patient may receive additional chemotherapy or biological compounds. The necessity/possibility of treatment with these agents will be determined individually for each and every patient. Often, chemotherapy is administered in a metronomic low-dose manner.

This plays an important factor in inducing so called immunogenic cell deaths, which will help the effectiveness of the parallely administered immunotherapy. When incorporating chemotherapy into the patients’ treatment we always pay great attention to the prevention of possible side effects. On this note side effects occur less frequently due to using lower dosages of the drugs.

Patient testimonial

After getting my scan results in early May 2021 that my tumors had all increased in size I knew in my own heart that I was finished with Chemotherapy (4 different types of chemo) and that I needed a plan B. That led me to Dr Kleef and after a good Skype consultation I traveled to Budapest in early June 2021 for 5 weeks of treatment. The early results that the treatment is working and I am on the road to recovery, it will be difficult journey back to full health but to know that I’m on the right path is half the battle.
Leon Brennan

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