Body Talk

Your body is designed to heal itself. In order to achieve this healing we must talk to our bodies. This unique method should help to restore the connection between body and mind which aims to help during the healing process.

Dr. Kleef recommends Body Talk as a complementary healing method for cancer patients.

Kristie Anne Mah offers a special 5 week program for our patients via online coaching and support in order to help patients overcoming their disease.

BodyTalk intrigued Kristie Anne for many years, and the day after her husband, Terri, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, she knew it was time to dive in head first and become a practitioner. 

The BodyTalk system not only contributed to saving Terri’s life, it changed Kristie Anne’s and her children’s as well. It is the best compliment to Dr. Kleef’s outstanding protocols, and Kristie Anne is very honored to be working with Dr. Kleef to help bring hope and inspiration to the world.

Residing in Alberta, Canada, Kristie Anne lives with her two amazing children, Nixon and Vienna, and her hero, Terri Mah. Their vibrant Jack Russell, Jukie, rounds out their family, and together they enjoy exploring the mountains together as a family.

“Have you ever had a time in your life where you faced a scary diagnosis, went through a bad event or were just desperate to change an aspect of your life? That’s where I was when my husband Terri got diagnosed with 24 tumors. That’s right, 24 tumors thanks to Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer—one in his pancreas, one in his stomach, two in his lymph nodes and 20 in his liver. We were devastated, in shock, and beyond words.

We were also lucky because Terri, through positivity, faith and medicine, overcame the cancer.

But it wasn’t easy. Our journey took us around the world visiting clinics and specialists. Terri had to dig deep to overcome the odds of this deadly disease, and that’s what my book—The Day The Cancer Quit—is about. His journey from the depths of despair to being a survivor.

I hope you can join us on this voyage. It’s not just for those with cancer, but anyone who faces a difficult path in the future. We can all do this together.”

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