30 years of practice in the service of healing

In 1998 Dr. Ralf Kleef founded the Clinic for Immunotherapy and Integrative Oncology in Vienna, Austria.

Following his passion and strong belief in healing, he has developed a unique therapeutic concept for oncology patients that supports the body’s immune system to fight the disease. After the launch of his Clinic for Immunotherapy and Integrative Oncology in Vienna Dr. Kleef planned to expand and initiated a complex medical and healing center in Hungary until his sudden death from Covid in December 2021.

Dr. Ralf Kleef’s vision was to create a comprehensive medical center offering a wide range of services, including cancer treatment and other health care services.

Dr. Ralf Kleef is a well-known and acclaimed medical and naturopathic doctor specialized in Immunotherapy & Hyperthermia for patients with neoplastic & other chronic illnesses. With his training in immunology in Germany and at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in NYC and later at the NIH, Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM), in 1996 he found his passion: treating cancer through immunotherapy in the footsteps of the father of cancer immunotherapy, William B. Coley.

He founded his Insitute for Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy 1998 in Vienna and treated more than 20,000 patients over the last three decades. His journey goes on with expanding his center to Budapest, Hungary

Ralf Kleef, MD

Message from the General Manager, Mrs. Krisztina Kleef

I continue to lead Dr. Kleef Medical Center following my husband’s credo.

At our institution the most important goal is to provide each patient with individualized, targeted treatment that is the most effective way to manage their disease.

For us, the treatment of illness is not exclusively about treating the body, for us the path to recovery is about healing and nurturing the body, the soul and the mind.

“Behind every successful man there is a strong woman!”

The first time I met my husband was when I applied for a job as a nurse, and there I immediately felt that my life was about to change forever. Dr. Kleef’s hyperthermia clinic hid a fantastic new opportunity and challenge to learn about an unconventional immunological treatment method aimed at destroying tumors.

It was love at first sight, meeting my husband and the possibilities of hyperthermia, a new dimension of immunotherapy.

Ralf shared a secret with me that has defined his work (Message from the Founder), his spiritual experience about the power of heat – already from his young age – has covered several cycles in his life. Heat by hyperthermia as a therapy is the cornerstone of improving and healing the condition of our patients in the Dr. Kleef Immunology Protocol, developed and patented by Dr. Kleef.

I was very impressed with the story of the spiritual adventure in the Indian sweat lodge, the experience of Rudolf Steiner’s mistletoe therapy during Ralf’s university years, and finally I was able to be part of the building and improving of the Dr. Kleef Immunology Protocol since 2015.

As a nurse, I feel a calling to ensure that our patients can receive the best individualized treatment in our clinic following a thorough diagnostic examination and analysis of their disease by an international team of doctors.

With the tragic and sudden death of my husband, his mission on earth has come to an end, but his spirit will remain with us forever.

I feel it is my mission to continue to make the complex therapy concept he envisioned and created available to our patients with the help of his international colleagues.

In the Dr. Kleef Medical Clinic  we want to serve the recovery and improvement of all our patients.

I would like to dedicate myself to improve the condition of our patients, with the help of excellent medical and nursing professionals and all members of the Team.

Dr. Kleef has passed on his knowledge to me as a legacy, which guarantees the originality and effectiveness of the Dr. Kleef Protocol for our patients.

Finally, I would like to end with Dr. Kleef’s favorite phrase in which I also truly believe:

“Fever is the best friend of our immune system!”

Mrs. Krisztina Kleef and her International Medical Team following Dr. Kleef’s immunotherapy protocol